Inderawati, Rita and Sitinjak, Margareta Dinar (2020) RADEN ALIT THE LEGEND OF PRINCE FROM OKU TIMUR: A DRAMA SCRIPT. SPASI BOOK, Yogyakarta. ISBN 978-602-0708-96-6 (Unpublished)

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Once upon a time, in Tanjung Kemuning State, South Sumatra, there was a king named Ratu Ageng who married a god of heaven. They lived in the sky and had been blessed with two sons, namely Raden Kuning and Raden Alit, and a daughter named Dayang Bulan. Raden Kuning and Raden Alit are powerful people. After twenty years of living in the heavens, Ratu Ageng feels longing to return to Earth. Therefore, he invited his family to move to Earth. His children strongly agreed with the idea. The next day, Ratu Ageng with his family and a number of bodyguards left for Earth. After several years living on Earth, calamity befell the family of Ratu Ageng. His daughter, Dayang Bulan died from being bitten by a stick snake. However, Raden Kuning and Raden Alit could not accept the death of their sister. They were sure that Dayang Bulan had not died, but she had been kidnapped by powerful creature. Therefore, both of them asked permission from the father to find Dayang Bulan. At first, Ratu Ageng did not agree, but finally, Ratu Ageng allowed them to look for Dayang Bulan. Arriving at a beach, they saw a large and magnificent ship which was anchored. They immediately jumped on top of the rejung, thinking that Dayang Bulan was in it. However, after checking all the rooms on the ship, they only found two men sleeping in a room. The two young men were also looking for their sister, and they were also sure that someone powerful kidnapped her. It was the son of the king of Negeri Salek Alam, named Malim Putih. One of the young men was called Serincung Dabung also tried to find Dayang Bulan with his vision. He discovered that Dayang Bulan was also kidnapped by the son of the king of Negeri Salek Alam, named Malim Hitam. The four men had the same goal. They finally split up to find Dayang Bulan and Dayung Ayu. Raden Alit walked on land through the wilderness and up and downhills. On his way, Raden Alit met a grandmother who informed him that there would be a wedding party. Malim Hitam would marry Dayang Bulan, while Malim Putih would marry Dayang Ayu. Then, Raden Alit disguised himself. After that, he went to Negeri Salek Alam. Arriving in the country, Raden Alit met King Jin and told him the purpose of his visit. King Jin was very kind and had a beautiful daughter named Salipuk Jantung Pandan. Raden Alit immediately fell in love with her. They immediately entered into a loving relationship and promised to get married. With this relationship, Raden Alit is getting closer to King Jin's family. Raden Alit then asked King Jin for help to free Dayang Bulan and Dayung Ayu. With his supernatural powers, Raja Jin changed Dayang Bulan and Dayung Ayu into two flower stalks. Then, Raden Alit sneaked into Dayang Bulan and Dayung Ayu's room. However, when Raden Alit left, Malim Hitam and Malim Putih came to confront him. Fierce fighting was inevitable. At first, Raden Alit was still able to keep up with their supernatural powers. However, after the battle lasted for days, Raden Alit was overwhelmed and thrown into the sky. Raden Alit went to see Grandma Dewi Langit ask for help. Grandma Dewi informed that Malim Hitam and Malim Putih could not be killed. However, he could throw them into the sky. Arriving in the sky, they will be put into an iron cage by Grandma Dewi. Raden Alit took out all of his powers so that he was able to throw the two enemies into the sky. As soon as they arrived in the sky, the Grandma Dewi immediately put them in the iron cage. Meanwhile, Dayang Bulan and Dayung Ayu returned to their human forms. Not long after, Raden Kuning, Si Ulung Tunggal, and Serincung Dabung arrived. Raden Alit then told everything that had happened. Finally, Raden Alit and others immediately met King Jin to express their gratitude for helping them defeat the two sons of Raja Negeri Selak Alam. After that, they said goodbye to return to their countries. Meanwhile, at the palace, Ratu Ageng and his queen have been shrouded in anxiety for months waiting for their children. When they saw Raden Kuning and Raden Alit came with Dayang Bulan, both of them couldn't help but feel emotional. To welcome the return of his children, Ratu Ageng held a massive party for three days and three nights. After the party, Raden Alit came to his parents and said that he had made a promise to marry the beautiful daughter of King Jin. Finally, Ratu Ageng and his entire family came to King Jin's place to hold Raden Alit's wedding party with Salipuk Jantung Pandan. Finally, Raden Alit and his wife lived happily.

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