Inderawati, Rita and Fiftinova, Fiftinova (2020) THE MARRIAGE OF SITI ZUBAIDAH: A DRAMA SCRIPT. Yasda Pustaka, Palembang. (Unpublished)

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In an area in the South Sumatra region, a large and prosperous kingdom stood. The kingdom was named Kembayat which was led directly by King Darmansyah. The in people under the leadership of King Darmansyah lived a happy and prosperous life. The merchants peddled their wares without experiencing any difficulties, their people did not live under pressure from King Darmansyah and his rules. Because of his wisdom, King Darmansyah was respected by all the people who supported him. But, the king and his wife were very sad because they didn’t have an heir to the throne yet. One day, the King was out hunting with the guards. In the middle of the hunt, the King was trying to hunt a deer who was near the bushes. The arrow shot towards the deer but the arrow did not hit the deer. However, suddenly behind a bush, a groan could be heard. The surprised king immediately approached the bushes. He hit someone from the bushes. The victim introduced himself as a witch. After the witch was treated by two of the King's bodyguards, the King also asked his guards to let him speak privately with the witch, but it did not end well. On the next morning, when the king is on his throne and still thinking about what happened yesterday, a wise man came after him and gave him some good advice. The king followed the advice and finally after a month the queen is pregnant and after nine months and ten days, the queen gave birth to a handsome boy. The news spread very quickly across the kingdom. With the great news, the king Darmansyah invite all the people in his kingdom to the palace to celebrate the birth of his son. Years have passed, Sultan Abidin and 4 of his brothers have now transformed into men who look like adonis with their respective talents. Twenty years of living together as princes made them very authoritative and so resolute. Now they want to go to a cabin to continue reading the Qur'an. Abidin and the 4 brothers rose from their seats and then continued their journey along the road to go to the cabin. Arriving at the cottage, Abidin and 4 of his brothers began to read the Qur'an. Their melodious voice makes the birds are reluctant to travel. One fine morning Sultan Abidin decided went sailing with Ja'far to seek a new experience. They sailed for three days and three nights. When they arrived they met Pandita Ulama who was the King of Iragan Kistan and his daughter Siti Zubaidah. After meeting with the Pandita king and chatting together, Siti Zubaidah appeared in the middle of them to serve drinks. Abidin did not realize the appearance of Zubaidah, he was too busy to talk with Pandit Ulama. When Abidin saw the scenery around the lake, suddenly a faint sound of chanting verses of Qur'an came from the hermitage. With all of his curiousness, Abidin comes toward that sound. Arriving at the sound source, Abidin was stunned after knowing whose voice it was. It was Siti Zubaidah's voice, but unfortunately, she stooped it immediately when Abidin came. After a while, Sultan Abidin felt that there was something in his heart about Siti Zubaidah. He found that Siti Zubaidah was a woman whom he dreamt for. Ja'far was looking for Abidin to talk about something. When Ja'far met Abidin, it turned out that Abidin was with Siti Zubaidah. Then Jakfar decided to listen to their conversation. Abidin just smiled happily and left Siti. When Abidin left Siti, Jakfar who is from the beginning have listened to the conversation between Siti and Abidin, hurried to meet Abidin and acted as if he had not listened to their conversation. He and Abidin had a hard conversation until they forgave each other. Zainal and Siti gave each other a happy smile when Siti's father allows them to marry on. The other hand Jakfar was afraid to feel hurt and sad but he must let Zainal marry Siti. Zainal and Siti also made a very luxurious wedding, after marriage, Zainal brings Siti to come back to Zainal kingdom, Kembayat. One day on the journey returning to Kembayat Kingdom, Sultan Abidin and Siti Zubaidah stopped in a country called Yaman which was led by King Sahibaristan. They found it in a bad condition. The next day the King of Yaman and several ministers went to see King of Kembayat in the ship. During the meeting, Sultan Abidin listened to all events that had happened. King of Yaman wanted Abidin to marry her daughter, Siti Sajarah because he did not want Siti Sajarah to marry King Menggala who had been caused so much trouble in their land. King of Yaman tricked King Menggala to made him go away from the country. King Menggala received bad message about Siti Sajarah that the princess passed away and it broke his heart. It made him left the Yaman. The marriage between Sultan Abidin and Siti Sajarah was held. King Sahibaristan looked happy and thankful. In the middle of the party, Siti Sajarah said something to Sultan Abidin. While Sultan Abidin and Siti Sajarah was talking, without knowing, Siti Zubaidah saw them talking about their marriage. Zubaidah's heart was broken, she had to give up her husband to love another woman. And she’s suddenly praying to god. At that time, after the wedding party was held, Abidin and his two wives would leave Yaman and return to the Kingdom of Kembayat. Finally, the three of them and the whole group of Sultan Abidin return to Kembayat. Even though Zubaidah had a broken heart and had a marriage like this, she still thanked God and always prayed for the happiness of her husband. Zubaidah tried to be strong and let everything happen because Siti Zubaidah knew that all of this was a plan from the Almighty God. God is the best writer in every human life story. Humans are only required to pray, but God carries happiness on each sheet of life.

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