Antifungal Screening of Some Common Weed Extracts Against Dominant Plant Pathogenic Fungi

Pal, Gaurav Kumar (2012) Antifungal Screening of Some Common Weed Extracts Against Dominant Plant Pathogenic Fungi. (Unpublished)

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19 fungi were isolated from collected plants parts infected samples from villages of Meerut. All the isolated fungi were deposited at collection of bioresouce type culture collection, Microbiology Department, CCS University, Meerut, India. The current effort focused on the fungal strain GP?2 (Fusarium sps.), GP-4 (Fusarium sps.), GP-6 (Alternaria sps) these are mainly involved in causing seed borne and pre-harvesting plant fungal diseases. The different weeds plant viz., Achyranthes aspera, Parthenium hysterophorus, Cannabis sativa, Calotropis gigantea, Chenopodium album, Canada thistle, Phalaris minor, Cynoden dactylon, Argemone maxicana, Ageratum conyzoides, Lantana camera belonging to different families were screened for antifungal activity againstseed borne and pre- harvest fungal strains fungal strains viz., GP?2 (Fusarium sps.), GP-4 (Fusarium sps.), GP-6 (Alternaria sps). The minimum inhibitory concentration of the methanol extracts of Chenopodium album are 1.5625 X 10-6 ?l/ml for fungal strains GP-4 (Fusarium sps.). The minimum inhibitory concentration of the ethyl acetate extracts of Ageratum conyzoides are 1.5625 X 10-6 ?l/ml for fungal strains GP-2 (Fusarium sps.). The minimum inhibitory concentration of the chloroform extracts of Ageratum conyzoides and Phalaris minor are 3.125 X 10-5 ?l/ml for fungal strains GP-6 (Alternaria sps.). The present investigation has led to the conclusion that the phytochemical extracts of Parthenium hysterophorus, Calotropis gigantea, Ageratum conyzoides, Cannabis sativa possess the antifungal properties against the pre harvesting and seed borne phytopathogenic fungi. The natural plant based fungicides are environmentally safe as compared to the chemical fungicide. The natural plant based fungicide are non toxic/non hazardous when the chemical fungicide is hazardous to human and animal health. When this fungicides ingested by human beings and animals through food and water causes various ailments in the body. Several healths hazardous have been reported from time to time during the application of chemical fungicide in the field condition. Search of natural fungicide from the plant sources would definitely be a better alternative to these hazardous chemicals.Thus, they can be used as a source of alternative natural fungicide and present a great potential for biotechnological and biopesticide /biofungicide. Further research should be done in order to investigate the chemical structure and and cellular cytotoxicity of these compounds.The mechanism or pathway by which these substance act against the phytopathogenic fungi should also be the area of concern. The present investigation is an important step in developing plant based pesticides which are ecofriendly for the management of the seed borne and pre-harvesting pathogenic fungi and development of commercial formulation of botanicals. Further investigation will be done for developing commercial formulation based on field trail and toxicological experiment.

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