The Role of Suspended Particle Size on the Formulation of Sedimentation Area in Mod-Ada PT. Freeport Indonesia

Windusari, Yuanita and Susanto, H. Robiyanto and Dahlan, Zulkifli and Susetyo, Wisnu and Yustian, Indra (2010) The Role of Suspended Particle Size on the Formulation of Sedimentation Area in Mod-Ada PT. Freeport Indonesia. In: Proceedings of "INTERNATIONAL SEMINAR-WORKSHOP ON INTEGRATED LOWLAND DEVELOPMENT AND MANAGEMENT". Fakultas Pertanian Universitas Sriwijaya, Palembang, D9-1. ISBN 978-979-25-8652-7

Text (Prosiding Internasional Seminar on Integrated Lowland Management.)

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Existence of natural succession area at Modified Ajkwa Deposition Area (Mod-ADA) closely related to sedimentation process happened. Data of suspended particle in Mod-ADA on April 2009 indicating that particle is precipitated follows particle size. The biggest suspended particle tends to precipitate in advance. Particle value suspended in water is calculated to apply method APHA (2005) and done in laboratory TRMP PT Freeport Indonesia. Picture as of particle swampy forest suspended at area Mod-ADA projected in data Landsat Acquitation 2007,2008, and 2009. Suspended particle data analysis in 2007 indicating that distribution of large suspended particle sized (> 600mg/l) in upstream ModADA followed by precipitation of smaller fairish particle (300-600mg/i and 50-300mg/1) in centered and 0-50mg/I in estuary area. Distribution of suspended particle shows the same pattern in the 2008 and 2009 that is the large of particle suspension tends to precipitate in centered of Mod-ADA. Kinetics of rainwater and surface current of influential to sedimentation in river body. Sedimentation process causes changing of river stream pattern. Change of river stream pattern in ModADA depicted in Landsat Accusation 1991, 1999, and 2008. Result of image analysis to suspended particle swampy forest to indicate that smooth and small fairish particle tends to precipitate in part of downstream Mod-ADA especially in gabion area. Deceleration of current in gabion detains suspended particle stream so that particle to tends to sedimentation. Suspended sediment characteristic and material contained by it to stand to form sedimentation area which can be growed vegetation. Sediment characteristic like this found at Double Levee which is part of area Mod-ADA and grows as natural succession area. Based on analysis result this has been done able to be predicted that sedimentation process formed in Mod-ADA can be exploited and managed as area growing of natural vegetation. Condensed of particle is dissolved entering Mod-ADA, high water debit and climate influence causes sediment area formed cannot be exploited carefully as place of growing of vegetation, causing natural succession process doesn't take place in area Mod-ADA.

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